Flange Sizing

Flange sizing is an important part of pumping. Many moms are actually smaller than a 24mm flange and that is why we are here to help. Having the wrong size flange can cause long term damage to the breast tissue, not allow you to properly empty or empty efficiently and take longer. Not all moms do well with hard flanges either, in our mission to help you pump comfortably we will help you find the best flange size and brand of flange for you.

Did you know a lot of moms suspect they have elastic nipples when they in fact don't and actually are just using a flange that is too large? True elastic nipples will hit the back of the flange regardless of if you have the right size or not. If you are hitting the back of the flange with the correct size you have elastic nipples and the best flanges for these is beaugen cushions, pumpin pals or lacteck flanges.

Beaugen cushions fit in flange sizes: 25mm-19mm, when using these you want your hard flange to be one size larger as the cushions will bring your flange size down by 2mm. For these if you are a 21mm you want a 24mm flange paired with the cushions to get the correct size.

When choosing pumpin pals or lacteck its important to get the correct sizes. Lacteck you want to size down; if you are a 21mm you would use an 18mm in lacteck. If you are looking to use pumpin pals please check the size guide below to determine the correct size.


For all help with flange sizing please email the CTM team at flangesizing@gmail.com and someone will respond in 24-48 hrs.


This service is intended for those 18yrs or older.

When emailing please be sure to include photos of your current flanges on your breast. Photos should be taken before pumping or nursing for minimal swelling and better fit estimate. Photos should be from the side of the breast to show the nipple in the flange so we can see the space.

 While we are here to help you find a better size, a consult with an IBCLC who specializes in exclusively pumping. Turkey. For a consult with our recomended IBCLC please visit http://www.loveflowslac.com To schedule a flange fitting, click on book now and scroll down to her options for flange fitting and choose from there.


Keep a look out for a new collection coming that will have flanges from 10mm-21mm available to order with your cookies.


*We are not LCs, nor do we have any capacity to give medical advice. By reaching out to us you understand we are mom to mom helping you find your best fit and have the best pumping experience you can get*