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Looking to increase your breast milk supply? ​You've come to the right place.

So, you have:
Increased your water intake. 
Maintained a nutritious diet. (ALL THE CALORIES!)
Tried to rest and relax as much as possible.
Nursing or pumping every 2-3 hours for at least 30 minutes.

However, you still worry that you need to increase your breast milk supply. 

Moms, I am so glad you are here.

Paired with plenty of water, calories, rest, and of course,
sufficient time nursing and/or pumping, you will see and feel amazing results with our product in a very short amount of time!

Ive always struggled with keeping a supply and being able to store milk. Which never really happened. I Always had to supplement. I started to struggle at about 4 or 5 days postpartum with baby #4. I started to pump. I would get an ok amount. Maybe 3 oz which was great for a few weeks... Suddenly it dropped to maybe 1 or 2 oz if I was lucky. I could tell my baby wasn't getting enough. She would fuss and get very frustrated at the breast and cry. I came across Cookies then milk and thought "what do I have to lose" I ordered cowboy cookies and chocolate chips. Made a batch right away... In about 2 days I started to get 6, 7, 8 oz. The cookies are amazing, very hard to just eat the recommended amount. Im storing milk for my baby in the future while still nursing plenty!!! and I'm donating to a baby near by weekly as well. I feel so proud to be where I am in my journey and thank Cookies Then Milk for helping my baby and the baby I donate to as well.


I wish I could show how much my milk supply increased from my Cookies, then Milk brownies but you guys will just have to trust me when I say baby girl latched and has been drinking her fill. This is the first time I've had a milk drunk baby on me in so long. So so thankful!


I would just like to say thank you. For two days straight my milk supply was less than 4oz per session. I ate the cookies and like magic my milk supply went up again. I have been getting even 10+oz for my first and last pumping sessions of the day. The only thing I am doing differently is that I am now eating your cookies so it has to be thanks to those delicous cookies.


The amount I received was enough to give me a boost and get me back to having some frozen reserve. My baby will be 1 in 2 weeks and so I don't need to pump much longer but it positively helped me when I was wavering to not having enough reserves. I can't thank you enough.


I just finished the brownies and noticed I’m making more! I don’t keep track of how many ounces I make anymore, but I used to struggle to make a bottle after only waiting 3 hours (usually wait 4) and the last 3 days have been able to make a full bottle after just waiting 3 hours! I just made the peanut butter chip cookies tonight, they are delicious.


These are the best lactation cookies I’ve tasted. And they work! Others I’ve tried I ate a whole box of unnamed brownies and nothing happened. Cookies then milk made me engorged for my next pump! 10/10 would recommend to any breastfeeding/pumping mother.


This is the most milk I have been able to pump! My daughter wasn't waking up so I pumped. I literally cried happy tears! I even still had enough left to feed her! Thank you so much for these cookies!!


I got almost three ounces after only having 4 cookie dough bites. I just got my first order yesterday and I placed my second order yesterday thank goodness for sezzle! I usually only get 1-2 ounces from the haaka. I also woke up with a wet bra.


I just need to share, I’ve never been able to nurse my baby because I don’t produce enough and my flow is very slow and she gets extremely frustrated. Today was the first day that she actually nursed and fell asleep peacefully after nursing. I am so grateful for these cookies in this group! Picture of my boob drunk baby

  • Jessica

  • I got almost three ounces after only having 4 cookie dough bites. I just got my first order yesterday and I placed my second order yesterday 😂 thank goodness for sezzle! I usually only get 1-2 ounces from the haaka. I also woke up with a wet bra.
  • I think there was something wrong with my cookies label. It said 2 weeks supply, its only been 6 days. I will be honest, i thought i was doing a good job at not eating them all in 1 day 😅 i guess not.


I got almost three ounces after only having 4 cookie dough bites. I just got my first order yesterday and I placed my second order yesterday 😂 thank goodness for sezzle! I usually only get 1-2 ounces from the haaka. I also woke up with a wet bra.
I think there was something wrong with my cookies label. It said 2 weeks supply, its only been 6 days. I will be honest, i thought i was doing a good job at not eating them all in 1 day 😅 i guess not.


Thank you so much Nikki finally I was able to back up my supply and have two bottle ready for my twins it was 8 hours without pumping i normally get 5oz but today i got 3oz extra day 4 of eating cookies going to placed my 2nd order


I’ve been struggling with my supply since day one. My twins were five weeks early, I had a breast reduction and postpartum anxiety. I’ve wanted to quit so many times bc I felt like it was more trouble than it was worth. This is the most I’ve ever pumped in one session (the girls are 7 weeks old, two adjusted). I’m so excited!!! Thank you for these amazing cookies!


I gotta say I was super skeptical because I’ve tried so many different lactation cookies! My first pump of the morning I usually get around 3-4oz. Well after eating all of my cookie dough last night, I pumped 6oz this morning! Thank you So much for these yummy cookies that work!


The Damn brownies were soooooo good!!! I know I was suppose to eat one for the first day but I ate 2 1/2. I was engorged within an hour before his next feeding. This stuff works. I can’t wait to eat more!!!


With my first two babies , I couldn’t produce enough breast milk to feed them. Due to that my supply of puke drop more and more from stress. I completely dried up, I could not even get a drop out. After I had my 3rd baby, I started these products. Now I have over 600oz stored up within 3 months! I’m so thankful for Nikki and CTM for helping me produce enough milk for my daughter

Sam K

When my son was born my supply was amazing. When he was almost 3 months old I got some really bad kidney stones and a bad kidney infection. My supply never recovered. I found CTM in a mommy group and my supply has went back up. I am now back to nursing my little guy and putting ounces in the freezer! I am forever thankful for everything Nikki has done!


With my first I was not able to produce more than a half oz pp and stopped a week in. With my second I was determined to breastfeed and she needed open heart surgery, so it became more important to me. I was struggling to get 20ml pp and tried the chocolate chip quick boost cookies. In roughly 12 hours pumped 40 ml. Then I got 1.5 oz the next morning! I am now able to get up to 3 oz pp during the day and 5 for motn and morning! We are 7 months in and I am so thankful to have found these! Not only do they work but they taste amazing too! I know I was ready to quit if these didn't help after trying so many other things on the market. Thank you Nikki!

Samantha C

After having baby #3, I thought that I had nursing all figured out. Boy was I wrong! Having a baby with slow weight gain, oral ties and hard nursing habits left me pumping almost exclusively, with an under supply. I’ve never responded well to a pump in the past, so I was on the hunt for all the ways to increase my supply so I wouldn’t have to switch to formula. When I finally found Cookies, Then Milk, it was a huge relief! Not only are these products delicious, but they also help my supply! Anything else I have tried in the past was just throwing money away and left me frustrated. I absolutely love CTM, and the support community that Nikki and her team has created!


I can not say enough good things about CTM. I have three kids, and with my first two, I was never able to successfully breastfeed. I had to switch to formula before they were one month old. I am now 3 months postpartum with baby #3, and with the help of these cookies, I am able to make enough breastmilk to pump and feed her daily. I went from pumping 1oz total each pump session to 3oz total each pump session. I am so glad to have found CTM VIP support group as well as finding these products that give me the boost I need to feed my daughter without having to supplement.



With my first I was inexperienced and not able to breastfeed. So with my second I started researching all I could about breastfeeding and pumping and low and behold I have been exclusively pumping since birth. Even at the beginning I had issues with low supply I found cookies then milk after trying a lot of different things and was able to increase my supply! Plus they are so yummy! Thank you Nikki and everyone! I’d pry already would have thrown the towel in if. It for the quick boost and cookie dough!


With my first baby, I dried up after 10 weeks due to lack of information and support. After getting pregnant with my second child, my goal was 3 months, then 6 months. We are 6 months in and I have consistently breastfed our son all while creating a stash, all thanks to the quick boost cookie mix. They have been a life saver and I have been able to achieve all my breastfeeding goals so far! Next goal: 1 year! All credit goes to you Nikki & Cookies, Then Milk!


I had triplets in November and from the start they went to the nicu and my supply plummeted even once I got my babies home. 1.5 months later I found CTM and now I exclusively breastfeed two and pump for the other. I was able to bring my output up from .5 oz to 12oz after breastfeeding and I am ever so grateful for Niki, her loving support and her amazing cookies! I've tried them all and ctm are my go to, everyday!!


I found cookies then milk by complete chance. After trying several other things with no noticeable difference. I thought I would give them a try. First off they taste amazing, better than normal cookies! The ease of the cookie dough is so nice and so delicious I feel I keep it in my fridge all the time!!!! The brownies are perfect and made perfect servings in my mini muffin pan! The ease to make these products is amazing but the taste and results are even better. I now do not worry if I have enough I know that they have helped make my milk fatter as well by giving me key ingredients that I was lacking! Customer service and the support from the group is the absolute best I have ever experienced and I will continue being a loyal supporter of cookies then milk for life!


I have tried many different brands of lactation goodies and none of them compare. Cookies then Milk is a phenomenal product. The owner Nikki has built an amazing community of mother's through a common purpose and she is also the sweetest! I tried these as a last ditch effort to save my supply after many complications and to my surprise they lived up to the hype.


I have ordered so many different goodies and nothing disappoints. You can’t go wrong with anything you order.

Brownies- so good!

Edible cookie dough- THE BEST

Cookies- my favorite is the peanut butter chip with added in dark chocolate chips.

Granola- vanilla pecan is my favorite

Oatmeal- strawberry banana overnight oats is a must!


These cookies are so yummy it’s sinful! They taste just like a homemade cookies because they have so much love and thought put into them by Nikki! You really can’t stop with just one! I can’t wait to try all the flavors! Thank you Nikki for making a lactation cookie that not only works but takes the stress out of breastfeeding!


Hands down the BEST lactation treats out there! I've tried plenty before and have never gotten the results I have with these. Plus they are absolutely delicious, better than all others. These are my go to and will continue to be during my breastfeeding journey. I'll keep stocking up after I'm done for my next baby lol


These cookies not only taste delicious, they have also helped me produce more milk for my 6mo. Nikki goes above and beyond with her customer service! I also love knowing I am supporting a small business! I highly recommend!



My LO went from the 1% to the 2%! It may not seem like much, but she’s gaining the average healthy amount and I haven’t had to supplement! AND I HAVE 25oz OF MILK IN THE FREEZER! I have never, ever had extra milk. Thank you for everything you do for us! Thank you for what you’re doing for my family


If you’re hesitant- just do it! I finally ordered some cookies and am so glad I did. I typically pump 6-7 oz combined for the DAY. I had my 4 cookies yesterday and for my MOTN I pumped 4 oz combined in one pump session! Then I got another 1.5 oz after a feed. Well over half of my daily pumped oz already pumped before 9 am🙌🏼
Also the MMM is SOO good 😛


" son Harrison was born small for gestational age/SGA at 5 lb 11 oz at 40 weeks, so we’ve supplemented with formula since the hospital to help him gain. Since getting your products I’ve been able to make enough to feed him breast milk exclusively the past couple weeks. This is so important to us because when we did a 2-week formula-only trial about 6 weeks ago (to see if my BM or something I was eating was causing his colic), his weight gain completely plateaued. Once he went back on BM it shot up again. He was below the 5th percentile in weight at birth but as of last week is nearly 50th percentile/the middle. It is such an achievement and relief for our family. Thank God for what you do I’ll buy this dough til my boobs run dry."