The #1 Tip For Pumping Breastmilk

Have you checked your flange size lately?

Pumping can be uncomfortable and, worse still, can leave you questioning your milk supply. If you’re wondering why you’re in pain or not pumping as much as you’d like - your flange may be to blame.


What is a breast pump flange?

The flange is the cone-shaped funnel that your breast sits in. Your nipple slides into the funnel while the cone cups over your breast. When your pump is turned on, it creates a vacuum suction around your breast and your nipple is pulled inside the funnel for milk expression.


Do flanges come in different sizes?

The bad news: most breast pumps only come with a standard 24 millimeter flange, which is the wrong size for many women.

The good news: we can help you determine the proper size and set you up with the right flange or insert.


How do I know if I’m using the right flange size

If your flange is too big, you’ll notice your areola being pulled into the funnel along with your nipple. You may also lose suction or have lots of space around your nipple. This can cause pain and discomfort as well as a low output.

If your flange is too small, you may experience a pinching feeling while pumping. Your nipple may be white when you remove it from the flange. A too-small flange can cause pain when pumping, clogged ducts, and the feeling that your breasts aren’t emptying enough.

The right size flange will allow for a comfortable pumping session. Your nipple will go smoothly into the funnel, very little areola will be sucked in, your nipple won’t discolor and you will feel empty when you’re finished.


How do I find my flange size?

Let us help! We make it as easy as possible to find your flange size HERE. Be sure to re-evaluate every few months as your nipple size can change. Once we’ve got your size nailed down, we’ll provide you with flanges and inserts that fit you AND your pump. We have every size ranging from 10mm-21mm.

We understand pumping can be tricky and we’re here to support you every step of the way.


If you’re concerned about the level of discomfort while pumping or you feel like you’re not expressing enough milk, make sure you’re using a flange size that’s right for you. The size that came standard with your pump may not be it. First, get a fit check to determine your size. Then, hook yourself up with the proper pump parts for more comfortable and effective pumping sessions.

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